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¤ About Ponda
PondaPonda is a major religious center for both Hindus and Muslims. It is reputed for its mosque, which is the largest in Goa and five temples that are located around the city. The town is also known as 'Antruz Mahal' because of the concentration of culture, music, drama and poetry. Ponda is distinct from any other town in Goa and you will realize this as soon as you will reach here.

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¤ Major Tourist Attractions of Ponda
» Sri Mangesh Temple - The 18th century, Sri (also spelt as Shri) Mangesh (also spelt as Manguesh) Temple, lies on the north west of Ponda in Priol. Considered to be the most important temple in Goa, it belongs to the typical Goan Hindu temple style of architecture, which is a curious mix of the Hindu and Portuguese style. This picturesque little temple is built on a hilltop amidst sprawling farmlands. The temple has shrines of Parvati (consort of Shiva - Destroyer of the Universe) and Ganesha (the elephant-god of Prosperity and Wisdom). A beautiful seven-storeyed "Deepstambha" (lamp tower), typical of Goan temple architecture, stands in the temple complex.

» Safa Mosque - Adil Shah constructed the Safa Mosque (also known as Safa Shahouri Masjid) in 1560. The architectural style of the mosque is predominantly Goan, with the exception of the arches that indicate a distinct Bijapuri influence. The mosque has a beautiful backdrop of wooded low hills that rise in the background.

Ponda¤ Shopping
Whenever we descend on a foreign location for vacationing, shopping for keepsakes is regarded a task as essential as the regular sightseeing tours. While Goa is famous for its splendid beauty, it is also a shopper's paradise with a vast wealth of indigenous artifacts. But more than the shopping items, it's the composite shopping experience in Goa that will leave you mesmerized.

¤ Climate of Ponda
Summer - The summer season in Goa lasts from March to May. During this period the weather in Goa becomes moderately hot with temperatures hovering in the mid-thirties. May is usually the warmest month in Goa. For a summer trip to Goa, one should bring cotton apparels and be prepared for a rise in humidity levels towards to the fag end of the summer season.

Winter - The winter months usher in a pleasant weather in Goa. The winter season lasts from December to February and this is the peak tourist season in Goa. Temperatures hover in the lower twenties and the bright sunny weather makes for a perfect outing in the Goa beaches.

¤ How To Reach Ponda
» Road - Ponda is served by regular buses from Panjim and Margao, and lies on the main route east to Karnataka . The Kadamba Bus Stand is on the main square, next to the auto-rickshaw rank.

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