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¤ About Margao
MargaoA bustling town and the headquarters of South Goa District, Margao has an old worldly charm about it. In the ancient times, it was a major religious center, dotted by a number of temples and other shrines. Today, countless tourists from across the world flock here to witness its ancient cultural heritage and traditional customs of the people of Goa. Surrounded by fertile farmland, the town has always been an important agricultural market, and was once a major religious centre, with dozens of wealthy temples and Dharamshalas - however; most of these were destroyed when the Portuguese adsorbed the area into their Novas Conquistas during the 17th century.

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¤ Major Tourist Attractions of Margao
» Beaches - Some of Goa's top beaches near Margao are : Colva : Colva beach, 6 km from Margao, has a throbbing nightlife but a somewhat downmarket ambience by day. Colva's highly commercialised with resort complexes, large holiday crowds, trinket stalls, discos and restaurants and the waterfront is clean and the water's safe for swimming.

» Benaulim - Benaulim lies right in the centre of Colva, 7 km west of Margao. Benaulim is a popular tourist hotspot with a crop of luxury resorts, time-share apartments, guesthouses and moderately priced hotels. Despite its popularity, Benaulim still has an air of tranquility: the beachfront is beautiful, with silver sands, shady palm trees and safe waters.

» Mobor - Mobor is the spot where Colva ends and the River Assolna meets the sea. The beach at Mobor lies in a sheltered cave overlooked by cliffs on one side - it makes for a picture perfect setting.

» Majorda - Majorda lies 2 km north of Colva, and is a pretty beach dominated by a luxury resort, hotels, restaurants, shops, boutiques and the best European bakeries in Goa. South of Margao lie a host of quieter, more isolated beaches; venture beyond Cape Rama to the peace and beauty of the beaches at Palolem and Galgibaga- perfect for a day away from the crowds of bathers swarming around the more visited beaches. Similar to other parts of South Goa, the Margao weather is tropical in nature.

¤ Accommodation
With Colvo and Benaulim a mere twenty-minutes bus ride away the accommodation options are available in plenty at Margao. GTDC Tourist Hotel is standard budget hotel one can stay in at Margao.

Margao¤ Shopping
Stretching from the south edge of the main square to the old railway station, the local bazaar of Margao is a haven for avid shoppers. Tourists explore these humble shops in search of artifacts that would encapsulate their experience in Goa. Goa Handicrafts Industries Development Corporation emporium in Margao is another source of artifacts and handloom materials. The Colva beach is a popular shopping destination in Margao. You can scour the beachside shopping stalls for souvenirs and beachwear.

What adds color to the shopping experience is the inimitable style of the Goan vendors most of whom are womenfolk attired in colorful dresses. The products in display are manifold including fresh and dried fish, incense, spices, vegetables, and souvenirs from other states of India. The famous traditional spirits of Goa such as toddi and feni are perennial favorites among locals and tourists. Shopping in Mapusa would be incomplete without a visit to the renowned Wednesday flea market of Anjuna beach.

¤ Climate of Margao
Summer - The summer weather in Margao is reasonably warm with temperatures climbing up to the higher thirties. As south-west monsoon sets in June, sporadic rainfalls lash the plains. There is a marked rise in humidity levels during this period.

Winter - Winter months usher in a pleasant weather in Margao. The winter season lasts from December to February with the mercury plummeting down a few notches.

Clothing - While planning for a trip to Margao, you don't need make a fuss over packing the right set of apparels since the weather is more or less salubrious throughout the year. One do bring along some beachwear if you want to return back with a toned physique. Margao being the commercial hub of Goa, hard core shoppers can look forward to a rollicking time in this city. Apart from high-end malls and shopping plazas, Margao's local bazaar is well-known for the wealth of indigenous artifacts and souvenirs. Crochet work, carved furniture, shell work, bamboo work, brassware, curios and old coins, trinkets etc., an endless variety of items would leave you spellbound.

¤ How To Reach Margao
» Rail - Margao's new Train station, the only stop in Goa for most long distance express services on the Konkan Railway, lies 3-km south of the centre. The Reservation office (Monday-Saturday, 8.00 am-4.30 pm, Sunday 8.00 am- 2.00 pm) is divided between the ground and the first floor; bookings for the superfast Rajdhani Express to Delhi are made at the hatch to the left of the main entrance. Tickets for trains for Mumbai are short in supply so make sure to book the tickets well in advance. There is also a 24-hour Information Centre and round-the-clock pre-paid auto rickshaw stand outside the exit.

» Road - Local private buses to Colva and Benaulim leave from in front of the Kamat hotel on the east side of Margao's main square. Long distance bus services one can get at the main Kadamba Bus Stand, 3-km further north, on the outskirts of the town. This is also the departure point for interstate services to Magalore, via Chaudi and Gokarn, and for services to Panjim and North Goa.

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